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Images above from "A Jewish Child's Story" at the Madrid, CA, and from "Invasion" at the Booking Dance Festival at Jazz at Lincoln Center, NY, both 2016.

We began e-news letters in spring, 2008, and the links that you can click on for even more photos and videos should still work. They are listed started with the most recent first. If you would like to also receive our regular mailings by traditional mail, please sign up on our home page or email me directly at louisehr@lachoreographersanddancers.org

2017 (in reverse order)

Last Day to Meet at IPAY 2017! Booth 24....

Will we see you at IPAY? Booth 24 2017...

2016 (in reverse order)

Encore! More Than a Wrap-Up-Full Disclosure- 2016....

More Than a Wrap-Up- Full Disclosure 2016...

December- Holiday News & Thanks 2016....

Thanks For Letting Us Share a Productive Year 2016....

Is it Really November?....

Booth Invite to PAE and Great to have met you WAA!....

September E-news New Work at Festival....

WAA Showcase & Booth Invite....

August E-news- WAA, Perview of SP Festival....

July- and it Must be Summer 2016....

Early June E-news 2016....

Dancers' Issue May 2016....

Instead of a Facebook Invite 2016....

March E-news 2016....

February E-news 2016....

Special Edition- So CA Dance Invitational....

Last Chance to See Us Perform in January 2016....

We are here at APAP in NY & back to So CA Next Week 2016....

Performances at APAP in NY & some in So CA....

2015 (in reverse order)

Why Should You Donate To Us? (Just 8 days left for our online funding goal)

Good News as we Approach 2016....

Post Thanksgiving Variation....

A Thanksgiving Message....

October Audition 2015....

Almost October E-News 2015....

Sept E-News 2015….

San Pedro Festival of the Arts 2015....

August E-News 2015....

Application Deadlines Dance Companies-San Pedro Festival of the Arts….

June 2015 Enews- Free Performance + More….

Dancers' Issue May 2015....

Performance May 16 at Beyond Baroque + Audition....

Free Performances this Week-end....

Friday Discount for Historic Dance Theater Work....

Cinematic Dance Theater & Special Discount....

Less than 2 weeks to our 35th Anniversary season!....

LA C&D Celebrates 35th Anniversary....

Auditions to supplement core company....

We're here at IPAY!....

As we look backward...look inward...look forward....

2014 (in reverse order)

It's Not Too Late....

looking backward...looking inward...looking forward

3 Ways To Help Us

Last Offer- The Better To Bite You With

Invite- The Better To Bite You With

Final day for the SP TriArt Festival

2 days until the SP TriArt Festival

September begins more TriArt Previews

August 2014 Tall ShipsLA & TriArt Previews

Dance Days / Summer

Deadlines for Applications San Pedro TriArt Festival

June Auditions for Dancers

TriArt Announcement

Dancers' Issue

On with 2014!

Not there yet- Only 11 more days to our Fund Goal

2013 (in reverse order)

Why Should You Donate To Us? (Just 8 days left for our online funding goal)

Last showcase/Tap Dance Widows Club

We're Here! Catch us in New York & Pittsburgh

Catch us in New York & Pittsburgh

Update12/30 & recap

Matching Funds now available- An Update of our fund raising project!

Catch us in New York & Pittsburgh

Warm holiday greetings - & our Fundraising Project on Hatchfund

Oct Recap. of TriArt/ Fall Activities

TriArt Festival- Sept 21-22, 2013

Sept E-news - TriArt Previews Now!!/ Educational Grants


August Enews - WAA Showcasing/ TriArt Lineup Announced/ Educational Grants


August Preview- TriArt Preview Aug 4/ WAA Showcasing/Educational Grants

July- TriArt Deadline/ WAA Showcasing/ 2 Educational Grants

Dancers - June Audition/ TriArt Application

May E-news

Dancers' Issue

Winter to Spring!!!

A Reminder...Meet us in New York!(for non-Presenters)

A Reminder...Meet us in New York! (Presenters)

Get ready...Get set...Go with us to Philadelphia & New York! (for none-Presenters)

Get ready...Get set...Go with us to Philadelphia & New York! (for Presenters)

2012 (in reverse order)

Why Should You Donate To Us? (Just 8 days left for our online funding goal)

We Open Tonight

For Students & Friends of Alfred Desio

6 Days Until Baggage Series at the Miles

Our First Fundraising USA Project

The Baggage Project/ One Month Away

After the TriArt Festival

Almost Caught Up & Time to Present

A Trip Back -to NY in the 1960's - happening NEXT MONDAY 8/6

Audition 2012-2013

Let Me Catch My Breath - May into June 2012

Apply for the TriArt Festival 2012

Alive & Kicking - March 2012

Will we meet in New York?(non presenter)

Will we meet in New York?

Have we crossed paths?

2011 (in reverse order)

4 days to 'The Patchwork Girl of Oz

November 2011 E-letter

Focus on Education Oct '11 E-letter

PR- TriArt Festival Dance

August 2011 E-letter

TriArt Festival Dance 2011

June 2011 E-letter

Audition 2011-2012

3 More Performance NOW!


SAVE THE DATE! THIS WEEKEND ONLY - A powerful mix of modern, tap, and history

Just 10 Days to 'Baggage' at the Miles

April E-news

Apply to TriArt Festival

PR-Louise Reichlin & Dancers in "Baggage"

February 2011 E-News

IPAY E-Letter 2011

2010 (in reverse order)

December 2010 E-News

Dance At the Stone House 2010

October E-News

October - Focus On Education

October Dance Auditions

Press Release - TriArt Festival

August E-news

Dance Showcase 2010/ LA C&D

Dance Showcase 2010/ Complete Event

Auditions/LA C&D season review/showcase opportunity

corrected date July auditions 2010

April E-news- 3 days to go performance art meets fairy tale

April 2010 E-Newsletter - Performance!

2 dance co opportunities

March 2010 E-Newsletter

PR - 'The Better To Bite You With' at Edye

February 2010 E-Newsletter

URGENT DCA-letter 2010

IPAY E-letter

January Auditions 2010 E-Newsletter

2009 (in reverse order)

December 2009 E-Newsletter

Just 3 days until 'The Better To Bite You With' E-Newsletter

Mid-November 2009 E-Newsletter - Free performances/education/touring

September 2009 E-Newsletter - Free performances/education/new web site

August 2009 E-Newsletter - Free performances/education/new web site

June 2009 E-Newsletter - Auditions/LA C&D season review/facebook

June 2009 Education E-Newsletter 09

June 2009 Auditions Notice

Early April 2009 E-Newsletter

March 2009 E-Newsletter

Press Release for the Jazz Bakery

February 2009 E-Newsletter

Press Release for Fontana

IPAY January 2009 E-Newsletter

2008 (in reverse order)

December 2008 E-Newsletter

November 2008 E-Newsletter

September 2008 E-Newsletter

August 2008 E-Newsletter

May 2008 Tap Tribute Madrid Theatre

April 2008 E-Newsletter: Part II Performances at the Madrid Theatre/ Louise Reichlin & Dancers plus Tribute to Alfred Desio

April 2008 E-Newsletter: Part I Education Notes/Louise Reichlin & Dancers

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