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Dance Artists
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Rangoli Dance Company
The Rangoli Dance Company is a highly recognized group of exquisite artists formed by Malathi Iyengar, Artistic Director, in 1992. Malathi’s visions have led her to continuously emphasize and embrace the participation of multi-disciplinary artists from diverse cultural backgrounds in her company productions. In addition to Malathi’s visionary concepts, originality, and scholarship, her signature choreography involves movement created through layering & juxtaposing, music, text and improvisation.
“An India rarely seen on the Western stage” - Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times.
“Brilliant Choreography… Credit goes to the choreographer's vivid imagination that translated a potentially profound idea into something so straight forward and enjoyable, for even a layman to follow." - Rupa Srikanth, The Hindu

See them on Tuesday evening at 9:00pm (Booth #825)
Rhapsody In Taps

Be a part of Rhapsody In Taps' 30th Anniversary Tour in 2011-2012! Under the Artistic Direction of Linda Sohl-Ellison, RIT is seven tap dancers & six musicians, pushing tap dance boundaries with innovative choreography and improvisations, live jazz, percussion and world music. RIT showcases “Chugarump” (tap and bucket drumming) at WAA, 9/1/10. Two shows: 8:10pm &10:05pm. Come and see what all the excitement is about! "Playing to a packed house, Rhapsody In Taps elicited the kind of fervor usually reserved for jazz greats or a prized athletic team. They created an energy as inexorable as a speeding train, and no less beautiful." - Los Angeles Times

See them on Wednesday evening at 8:10pm and at 10:05pm (Booth #111)
Tango & Flamenco del Cielo
Imagine fiery Spanish classics, hip Latin jazz and nostalgic swing-era melodies mixed with the sultry tango, add a dash of art and film, sizzle for 90 minutes on a multi-media stage, and voilà -- enjoy a production full of surprises called "Tango del Cielo"! Barry Manilow’s “favorite harpist,” Anna Maria Mendieta reinvents the very character of Argentine Tango by joining world music with classical instruments in a dramatic presentation featuring harp, strings, percussion and exhilarating dance. "Tango del Cielo" is truly a feast for the senses! A musical match made in heaven!

See them on Wednesday evening at 8:35pm (Booth #716)
UMO Ensemble

...creating original and compelling works of theatre for over 20 years.
UMO Ensemble, the Northwest’s most exciting physical theater company, brings it’s irreverent approach to ancient tales of wonder… share the experience of red nose monk clowns tackling ancient Buddhist, Zen and Sufi stories through mask, puppets, live music and breathtaking physical skill. The UMO Ensemble monk clowns each tackle different life problems… dangling from a rope, juggling or balancing…singing and clowning. This show is enjoyed by young and old alike; suitable for anyone between the ages of 3 and 100!

Work: Zen Tales, a collection of up to 15 vignettes, available for booking in a variety of options.

See them on Tuesday evening at 9:55pm (Booth #825)
Vox Dance Theatre

Sarah Swenson, Artistic Director, is joyfully committed to the values of classical modern dance, and works from a fusion of traditional modern dance techniques, theatre, and improvisation. Her universal themes evolve, take shape and are born through the feminine prism using her all-woman company. Sarah’s deep appreciation and love of music has launched much of her repertoire of the past decade, as has her multi-ethnic heritage. A diverse body of work possesses a clear emotional voice, often marrying music minimalism and modern dance classicism, and always seeks to engage the feeling, as well as the intellect, of the audience. Vox Dance Theatre has performed throughout the United States, and internationally.

See them on Tuesday evening at 10:40pm (Booth #538)
ZIKR Dance Ensemble/David Taylor
The Zikr Dance Ensemble offers a spectrum of works that are based on transcendent dance rituals from many ancient world cultures along with original and contemporary dance/theatre realizations. The Ensemble’s varied and unique repertoire ranges from Gurdjieff obligatories and sacred movements, including a two thousand year old Assyrian Women’s Mourning Dance, to hypnotic interpolations of the Sufi Mevlevi Whirling Dervishes and the Balinese Sanghyang trance dance. Combined with the theatrical and ritualistic contemporary choreography of Artistic Director David Taylor, Zikr offers stunning performance experiences of spiritual atonement for both audiences and participants alike.

The breathtaking choreography and music is complemented by mesmerizing visual projections and an educational narrative provided by Mr. Taylor, completing an evening of mystery, rite and revelation. 

Work: Parallel and Elevated

See them on Tuesday evening at 9:50pm and on Wednesday evening at 9:30pm (Booth #133)