Zapped Taps(tm)/Alfred Desio Demo part 1 shows Desio in solo concert, with Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, with symphony orchestra in Morton Gould's Concerto for Tap Dancer and Symphony, and for a dance from the film "Two in Tails."

The German film (Zwei Im Frack) was directed by Christian Stahl in 2000, and was released in 2001. The two in the title roles of the tap dancing brothers forced to move out of their apartment with only the tuxedos on their backs, were Alfred Desio and Sam Weber.

We saw the film in the United States at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival and the Long Beach International Film Festival. It screened all over the world including Sao Paulo, Brazil, Festival des Films du Monde Montreal, Film Festival Maui, and many others. The film was produced by Juri Wiesner.

Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers -Zapped Taps(tm)/Alfred Desio Demo Part 2)

Zapped Taps(tm)/Alfred Desio Demo part 2 begins with show he directed in1999 called Caution, Men at Work: TAP. The choreography was by Alfred Desio and Louise Reichlin. It was produced by Theatrical Arts International (Allen Evenson, Robert Abramoff and Joseph Henson) with music by Adrian Henson.

The video includes footage from the original cast that year, and from the tour the following year. Original dancers included Bob Carroll, Hiroshi Hamanishi, Kristian Nelson, Msaada Nia, Thommie Retter, Chance Taylor, and Mike Wittmers. The second year's tour added Nick Bowman, Jimmy Fisher and Demetria Moss.

Alfred's Tap-Tronic (tm) System was also used within the show.

The video concludes with Alfred performing a solo he did both on big stages and sometimes in small school auditoriums. This was from a 2-week residency in schools in mid California.

All choreography and tap-tronics copywritten by Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers. It may not be used without permission.

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