Urban and Tribal Dances. Total time: 5:28

Choreographer: Louise Reichlin.
Costumes and sets: Linda Borough.
Music: All dances except IV by R. Musci & G. Venosta including Batida, Alone, Together, War, and Wedding.
Music: IV by Michael Brook interpreted by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, used for the section Remembrance.

Urban and Tribal Dances was choreographed from 1990-1992. It was created for and performed here by Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers/Louise Reichlin & Dancers. In the excerpts here, The first section presented is "Alone" performed by Kohl Lewis, followed by "War", followed by "Remembrance" performed by Bambi Swayze.

Reviews included: "The most interesting example of her current work was found in Urban and Tribal Dances, which was further enhanced by an intriguing score of ethnic sounds gathered from around the world ...Costumed in surreal headdresses and makeup, the dancers conveyed the interconnectedness of human existence, juxtaposed with the isolation experienced even in the midst of society." Variety

"And Urban and Tribal Dances certainly deserves all the audiences it can get...Reichlin's ambitious, ever-engaging, six-part suite delivers exactly what its title promises. following once again her trademark aesthetic, she opts for metaphor, transferring what we think of as tribal behavior to the contemporary urban scene...Before a triumphant finale, a world and its history have passed before our eyes, thanks to Louise Reichlin." Los Angele Times

All choreography copywritten by Louise Reichlin. It may not be used without permission.

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