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Brockus Conservatory is a new arts high school program for dance and musical theater.  It is built on the amazing background of a prestigious faculty with a proven record of success in pre-professional artist training.  They have worked professionally at boarding schools, arts magnet schools, high schools for the arts, colleges, universities, private conservatories and professional studios. At Brockus Conservatory, this faculty has joined together to create a wonderful center for learning for the next generation of  artists. Many of their former students are working artists in America and Europe, have won numerous awards and been accepted into the top arts colleges and universities around the world.  There are several options for students to study at Brockus Conservatory and we are excited to help you find your artistic voice.  Come... feed your passion!

About the Dance Program: Dancers trained at Brockus Conservatory are prepared for the dance world of the future. They will study with highly skilled professional teachers with proven success as performers, choreographers, and master teachers who’s students have gone on to the finest colleges and professional companies in America and overseas.

The dancers will work in a healthy, supportive environment that will encourage them to grow both as artists and productive members of society.

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Artistic Director: Deborah Brockus

Brockus Conservatory

(562) 412-7429

meet the pre-professional company...

Brockus Conservatory

The LAUSD All District Dance Ensemble was formed in 2011 in an effort to provide talented district dance students with the opportunity to work with professional choreographers, and expand their experience as performers and artists. With members from several different high schools, the ensemble has performed throughout LAUSD, and was featured in the first annual All-District K_12 Dance Festival held in June 2011. These fierce young dancers perform the work of Sarah Swenson with a commitment and intensity that is inspiring.

For information, contact: Shana Habel, Dance Demonstration Teacher

                                        (213) 241-2473


                         Please visit their website at the Arts Education Office

meet the pre-professional company...
(All District Dance Ensemble)

Pre-Professional Companies include: 
Brockus Conservatory, 
Lula Washington Dance Theatre’s - Youth Dance Ensemble, 

(LA County High School for the Arts)

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) is a tuition free public school operating under the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE). A prospective LACHSA student shows strong academic as well as demonstrated artistic skill in one of four disciplines: Dance, Music, Theatre or Visual Arts. Our student body reflects the diversity of Los Angeles County and welcomes students from over 80 school districts. Admissions is determined by academic review and audition or portfolio review. The LACHSA Dance Department draws upon the array of professional dance artists throughout the Los Angeles area who teach Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance, Kylian Repertory, Horton and Dunham Modern Techniques.

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Gina Buntz, Dance Chair

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

(323) 343-5123

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Ports O’ Call Village San Pedro

Fri    7-9 pm
Sat   12-9 pm
Sun  12-9 pm

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festival Director:

Joe Caccavalla

Dance coordinator:

Louise Reichlin

Lula Washington Dance Theatre’s - Youth Dance Ensemble
meet the pre-professional company...

The Lula Washington Dance Theatre’s - Youth Dance Ensemble is a pre-professional dance company of young people that is being groomed for the regular company, founded in 1980. Choreography for this piece is by Ken Morris, one of the early company members, now retired who is a resident choreographer for the ensemble. The solo seen today is named Vicissitudes and will be performed by Michael Battle, a dancer with the regular company.

The Lula Washington Dance Studio is located at 3773 Crenshaw Blvd, LA CA 90016. For information contact:

Please visit their website at