New Beginnings/
Steven Nielsen
Ports O’ Call Village San Pedro

Fri    7-9 pm
Sat   12-9 pm
Sun  12-9 pm

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festival Director:

Joe Caccavalla

Dance coordinator:

Louise Reichlin

New Beginnings Dance Company premiered at The Tri-Arts Festival Sept. 11, 2010 in San Pedro California.  It has been growing everyday ever since.  The company is diverse in every way imaginable. From the styles of dance to the age, ethnicities, experience and expertise represented by the dancers and choreographers.  The New Beginnings Dance Company prides itself that everything created and performed is through the passion and love of dance.  Whether it tell a story, take you on a journey or just create a visual stimulation to enjoy. 

The creator and founder Steven Nielsen has danced and choreographed for many companies and productions all over the world.  He was the original Dance Coach for Cirque du Soleil's LOVE (The Beatles), has worked for Royal Caribbean Productions, Disney's Bear and The Big Blue House LIVE and many many more.  This company was just another step in making another one of his dreams come to life.

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 Creator/founder: Steven Nielsen

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