Nancy Evans Dance Theatre/
Nancy Evans Doede

Nancy Evans Dance Theatre, under the Artistic Direction of Nancy Evans Doede, had its inaugural performances in June, 2010, and has been performing and producing consistently since, including WORKS 2010: A Dance Collaborative, the 4th Annual Pasadena Dance Festival, “Standing On The Edge”, “Concordance”, “Friends/Family”, and WORKS 2011: A Dance Collaborative.  The company will be performing in upcoming events with Gabriela Dance Company, MixMatch Festival and the TriArts Festival.  Nancy Evans Dance Theatre has developed an extensive repertory of Nancy Evans Doede’s work as well as that of guest choreographers, and is beginning an outreach program this fall.

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Artistic Director: Nancy Evans Doede

Dancers:  Katrina Amerine, Ashleigh Doede, Bradley Horwitz,

Jenn Logan, Andrew Pearson, Scot Tupper

Approximate length of performance slot:  27 minutes

Recess” is one section from “SPAN”, a 22-minute piece that explores various stages in life.  This section is a light-hearted romp reflecting childhood, boundless energy and the games people play.  Choreographed by Nancy Evans Doede.

“Shifting Sands: Age vs. Time” is a section from “SHIFT”, a 42-minute piece

that is about time, relationships and dresses.  This section deals with a woman’s dialogue with Time and the inevitability of aging. Choreographed by Nancy Evans Doede.

“Shift in Perspective: Loss of Innocence” is also a section from “SHIFT” that focuses on how child’s play can suddenly turn into realizing that life can be serious, and there is a time to leave innocence behind.  Choreographed by Nancy Evans Doede.

“As One” is a piece in three sections that deals with relationships between people and developing a sense of community.  This piece is choreographed by guest choreographer and original company member Ashleigh Doede.


about the performance...
Ports O’ Call Village San Pedro

Fri    7-9 pm
Sat   12-9 pm
Sun  12-9 pm

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festival Director:

Joe Caccavalla

Dance coordinator:

Louise Reichlin