The Patchwork Girl of Oz ('01-'02)

An Interactive Dance Multimedia Theatre Piece

Direction, Choreography, Adaptation from the 1913 book by L. Frank Baum by Louise Reichlin
Multimedia Collaboration including Multimedia Design and Authoring, Modeling and Animation, Video Editing and Compositing by Richard Wainess
Costumes by Linda Borough
Opening Video Part 2 by Michael Masucci
Tin Woodman Video by Shinji Murakoshi
Characters Created through improvisations by Reichlin & the Dancers
Music by Varttina, Norwegian Medieval Trad. arr. by Jan Garbarek, Djura Abouda, Alfred Desio, Hedningarna, Benoit Jutras, Afro Celt Sound System, Barachois, Kodo, Barachois
The Beverly Hills Outlook review says "The choreography uses a wonderfully playful approach...along with sophisticated multimedia... the music a delightful surprise, lively, a bit exotic, and an excellent combination of Eastern and Western influences." The Los Angeles Times compliments Linda Borough's designs, saying that the "colorful costumes pleased and there was a certain naive quality that grabbed at the heart." In regards to the show's "jubilant dancing," the Times added, "there is a lot going on choreographically to sate a dance lover's appetite."

Louise Reichlin & Dancers (Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers) founded in 1979, burst into the public eye that year with her first company performance at the Anson Ford Theatre when "Reichlin created a sensation with "The Tennis Dances." (Dance News) Often touring with special performances and workshops for families and children, her newest narrated work "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" has packed the houses in four states for sponsors including the Idaho Falls Arts Council, the Myrna Loy Center/Helena Presents (MT), ARTCORE (WY), and the Napa Valley Opera House, Target Arts Live at the Madrid Theatre, and USC at Newman Hall (last three in CA). The City of Walnut featured the fantastical production outside at their Family Festival, and the work also was featured at the outside Levitt Pavilion. Colorful costumes, a multimedia set, and some spectacular modern dance make this a dazzling journey into the land of Oz - one that will envelop the imaginations of young and old alike. "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" also includes the possibility of 26 dance participants from your community as part of the interactive production.

Louise Reichlin & Dancers is committed to using dance as a unifying force that crosses cultural, generational, linguistic socio-economic lines. For two and a half decades they have been leading the exploration of dance and technology, expanding our vision of the world, challenging and delighting us with dynamic new sights and sounds. Beside "The Tennis Dances," other critically acclaimed works include "Urban and Tribal Dances", "Celtic Suite", and "The E-Mail Dances." They have evoked " Metaphorical, triumphant, and uplifting - probing and provocative with arresting dance imagery matched to a sophisticated sense of choreographic structure (Los Angeles Times), "refreshing eagerness and beauty, ambitious in its blending of modern dance with a more theatrical sense of entertainment" (Tucson Citizen), "wildly theatrical and great fun!" (Daily News)

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