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PHOTOS: From “Invasion” at Booking Dance NYC at Jazz at Lincoln Center  poster top right. Photo by Yi-Chun Wu. Photo middle left of Louise Reichlin, Director (photo Paul Antico), and photo to the right of Kistina Pressler from Call From the Afterlife (photo John Clayton Lee) from the Open Performance  downtown at Culture Brain. Other photos from recent performances include: The cast of “A Jewish Child’s Story, Part I” bow at the San Pedro Festival of the Arts. The Tennis Dances indoors at Bootleg and against a very blue sky are from a “preview” of last year’s TriArt at the Tall Ships Festival LA. The last photos on the bottom are from “A Jewish Child’s Story” including Part I, The Roses on My Wallpaper, a Dream, and Part II, Yellow Star.

Dancers in photos above include Roman Bykov, Glenn Rodriguez, Coree McKee, Kirby Harrell, Linnea Snyderman, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Tonya Vivian, Steven Nielsen, Kistina Pressler, Heather Rabin, Lennon Hobson, Msaada Nia, Louise Reichlin, Arlondreah Lenyea, Dustin Ripkens, Glenn Rodriguez, Lisa Barskaya, Rebecca Reaney, Devin Ziel, Nathan Ortiiz, and Janessa Clemmons.

Photo of The Tennis Dances at the Tall Ships Festival by Taso Papadakis by permission of the Port of Los Angeles.

Photos of “A Jewish Child’s Story” by George Simian.

VIDEOS: See our videos on youtube.com/LouiseReichlin and on vimeo.com/LouiseReichlin

Want to see our paper Newsletters? We switched to E-News several years ago, but did an anniversary edition last season.

Spring 2015

Almost new - 2012-2013 Newsletter

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Still good - 2011-2012 Newsletter

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Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers is funded in part by a grant from  the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA). The Nate Holden Residency and the Madrid Theatre Residency were funded by the DCA and the National Endowment For the Arts.  Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and by the California Arts Council.

Our original sister site at usc http://www.usc.edu/dept/dancehttp://www.usc.edu/dept/danceshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1
TriArt Festival web sitehttp://www.triartSP.comhttp://www.triartSP.comhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1

Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers/ Louise Reichlin & Dancers, a premier Los Angeles dance company.

LA C&D presents soulful, imaginative dance works that takes audience members on their own journey of self-discovery.

NEW - For Presenters

Direct Link for touring rep, videos, etc. Also digital press kits.


--Performance at Front & Main  Dance Festival, Temecula June 2, 8pm. (Invasion)

--Free Performance at Lummis Day Festival, June 3, 4:25pm. (A Jewish Child’s Story, Invasion)

--Free Performance at Culver City Senior Center February 11. (A Jewish Child’s Story)

--Currently in residence in 11 schools as part of the Arts Community Network

--Performance in the HHII Festival Santa Barbara March 4. (A Jewish Child’s Story)

--Performances Las Vegas W Las Vegas Theater (Tap Dance Widows Club, the Tennis Dances & at the Clark County Main Theater (Invasion, A Jewish Child’s Story)

--Performance at Spotlight IPAY, Philadelphia, Prince Theater

Last season -April & May- culminated multiple Residency Projects

-April 2- Performance of “Yellow Star” Orange County Dance Festival

-March- Eleven  Educational Residency Projects

-February-Grant from the CA Arts Council

-January- Attended the International Performing Arts for Youth conference in Madison WI. We  attended wonderful children’s work, and worked very hard to keep warm! Prepared for our school residencies as part of the LAUSD’s Arts Community Network. New photos from our week at the Madrid Theatre are below.

See our News page for more. Last fall, we attended the Performing Arts Exchange (PAE) for the first time with our own booth and again attended the Western Arts Alliance (WAA) also showcasing.

Our showcases were “Call From the Afterlife” and “Invasion”, our new sci-fi piece with digital media by Audri Phillips. Thank you all who came to see them and who visited our booths.

****************************Invasion video- LA Theater Center

Invasion video- Jazz at Lincoln Center

        Booking Festival

Invasion video- Awakenings &

        Beginnings Festival


This season we welcome new dancers Jacquelyn Buckmaster, Danny Guerrero, Eve Metsäranta, Jasmine Stanley, Myra Joy Veluz, Tiffany Zern, Desiree Simons (apprentice), Kensiwe Mathebula (teaching artist & swing dancer). They join Kistina Pressler, Glenn Rodriguez,  and Devin Ziel. Our Senior Teaching Artists are Coree McKee, Tonya Vivian, Elizabeth Ann Poinsetta, and Steven Nielsen.

Matching Grants include from the Dept of Cultural Affairs City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. and new grants from the CA Arts Council.   Donate now and become partners in helping us match these new grants.

Images from our recent seasons are below.

Copyright (c) 1995 - 2018 by Louise Reichlin; all rights reserved. These pages may not be used for financial gain. These pages may not be used for commercial collections or compilations without express permission from the author. (Louise Reichlin, Southern California Dance and Directory)

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This page was last revised on April 21, 2018.