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Photo Gallery Alfred Desio

Photo credits top of this page: 2 photos of Alfred Desio by Theodora Litsios, unknown credit for Alfred Desio and Fayard Nicholas dancing on his birthday, The Los Angeles Times of Alfred’s wired feet.

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Zapped Taps(tm)/Alfred Desio is an engaging and entertaining solo or ensemble show highlighted by Desio's invention Tap-Tronics(tm), featured in the movie, Tap. Tap-Tronics, seen on The Today Show, Two On the Town, and NBC News, allowed Broadway vet Desio to create musical compositions every time he danced a step. Besides the pure enjoyment of Desio's virtuoso rhythm tap, adults and children joined him in playing their own Tap-Tronic rhythms as part of the program's interactive finale.

Although Desio passed away in 2007, his innovative work is still being carried on. And his students are active teachers and performers in their own right. Desio toured in California as a member of the CAC Touring Program and on the WESTAF roster for audiences in Utah, Hawaii, WY, AZ, and Texas. He also traveled to the Smithsonian Institute and Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., and Lincoln Center Dance Festival and Dance Theater Workshop in New York. Desio was selected as a touring artist for the International Arts Programming Network and performed at the Barcelona International Dance Festival. Some of Desio’s achievements also included his choreography and performance of Morton Gould's Tap Dance Concerto with the San Diego Symphony. He also directed Caution, Men At Work: TAP which toured to 13 states, and he traveled to Germany in September 2000 for one of the 2 leading characters in the film "Two In Tails," which played in international short film festivals around the world.

Reviewed in Variety as "probably the most inventive tapper in the business," Alfred Desio also uses traditional jazz and acapello selections to create a program that has the Los Angeles Times writing "jazzy, complex unaccompanied routine that defined tap musicality...brilliant...absolutely dazzling." The New York Times says "The delighted fascination that seems to drive the Los Angeles-based Mr. Desio to explore these high-tech extensions of traditional tap also informs his...dancing. His intricate, deft footwork and his ease are compelling. But in the end it is the cagey exuberance of this leprechaun tapster that makes the work so enjoyable."