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LA C&D is launching an exciting new program for employees that is intended to restore balance in their lives, get them excited and motivated, and help them feel much more connected to their work.

The program draws on our director's 30 years of experience teaching movement, ergonomics and wellness as a professor at USC and provides movement training workshops to working professionals and managers on a company- or division-wide level, with a specific emphasis on preventative treatment of workplace injuries and stress relief.

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Education programs

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A typical workshop will involve an on-site setup at your office location (a space as small as 20 square feet, such as that of a conference room or lobby, will be sufficient), followed by spinal alignment, breathing exercises and collaborative movement activities with our professional dancers for as many as 60 people, space permitting. The standard program lasts 45 minutes excluding setup time, but can be adapted to last as long as an entire day.

Programs like ours have been shown to make employees healthier, improve motivation and productivity, and ultimately reduce a company's costs of illness. The activities also reinforce teamwork and bonding skills, as participants collaborate to learn and perform a dance. Many people report seeing immediate improvements in their well-being even after just one workshop.

Some benefits of our program include:

- A preventative approach that ultimately saves the company money

- Simple steps anyone can follow - the program has worked for 5-year olds and senior citizens alike

- Excellent stress relief for workers – high fun factor

- Improved self-confidence and visual learning capabilities

- Flexible scheduling- we can hold just one class or a regular schedule, and for sessions as short as 45   minutes or as long as an entire day

- No travel time – can be done virtually anywhere; we come to you!

For more information, please download LA Choreographers Wellness Brochure.doc or contact us.

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