Urban and Tribal Dances


Choreography by Louise Reichlin


      All dances except IV by R. Musci and  

      G. Venosta

      Music dance IV by Michael Brook,

      interpreted by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Costumes and sets by Linda Borough







"Reichlin's ambitious, ever-engaging, six-part suite delivers exactly what its title promises. following once again her trademark aesthetic, she opts for metaphor, transferring what we think of as tribal behavior to the contemporary urban scene...Before a triumphant finale, a world and its history have passed before our eyes, thanks to Louise Reichlin"

The Los Angeles Times

Urban and Tribal Dances is about people of present, past, or slightly future time in an urban setting. 

The first and last dances reveal an ever-present communal or tribal theme.  "Alone" is just the opposite, bleak and isolated."Wedding" views the familiar rite of passage from the wedding party members various points of references.  "War" draws on warriors from many times, and was inspired by Desert Storm which in many ways translated as entertainment on television.  Not much was shown of the many who suffered and died during the war. 


Urban and Tribal Dances/Louise Reichlin

Photo by Alfred Desio

Repertory – Selected Past

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Urban and Tribal Dances/Louise Reichlin

Photo by Alfred Desio

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