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In addition to my work with LA C&D, I was a Faculty member of the University of Southern California for thirty years, teaching programs in dance and movement at the Thornton School of Music. The company of which I am Artistic and Managing Director of is a separate non-profit dance organization, Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, which I founded in 1979. Just before then, I choreographed a work called The Tennis Dances that subsequently became the signature piece for my dance company. By coincidence it was choreographed for performances using USC's dance department, then in PE, including both faculty and students. Now, a new dance department is open, the USC Gloria Kaufman School of Dance. USC still hosts the original version of our web pages on their servers and they were first published in 1995.

My specialty with the School of Music has been a class called Movement Training for Musicians. It was developed as an offshoot of classes I have taught for actors, and uses an experiential approach to how the body works, using all the body systems, and also using space, time, flow, and weightedness. It also included dance movement as well as practical application for the musicians with their instruments.

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Movement Training For Musicians

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