The Patchwork Girl

of Oz

2001-2002 for 8 dancers + narrator

Interactive dance multimedia program

67 minutes plus intermission

  1. *Choreography & adaptation from the

   book by L. Frank Baum:

   Louise Reichlin

  1. *Costumes: Linda Borough

  2. *Multimedia Design: Richard Wainess

  3. *Videography: Michael Masucci

  4. *VJ Artist: Shinji Murakoshi

Adapted from the original children's classic by L. Frank Baum, creator of "The Wizard of Oz", the dance/multimedia work The Patchwork Girl of Oz has packed houses in 5 states. The magical, modern-day fable brings to life the adventures of Ojo as he goes on a quest to bring his uncle, who has been turned into marble, back to life. Along the way he makes new friends, including the marvelously contemporary Patchwork Girl, and learns the importance of working together as part of a community.

The multi-ethnic cast performs ten fantastical dances, woven together with multimedia, music, and narration that help tell the story. Although the original book was written in 1913, its values, emphasizing cooperation, family, friendship, forgiveness, respect for all life and ultimately self-reliance, are still important almost 100 years later.

This show is perfect for parents and children to attend together. While younger viewers will be delighted by the magical world of Oz and Ojo's adventures, adults will find sophisticated dance, music, and multimedia imagery most fulfilling. The Patchwork Girl of Oz also includes the possibility of 26 dance participants from your community as part of this interactive production.

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Photo credit: Sallie DeEtte Mackie

Graphics for card: Kristi Mathias

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