The E-mail Dances

'96-'98 for 8 dancers

Conceived, directed, and

       choreographed by Louise


Video Art by Michael Masucci

Costumes & Sets by Linda Borough

Music by Klezmer Conservatory

Band (Lyrics: M. Oysher/Music: 

      traditional), Alfred Desio,  

     Nusrat  Fateh Ali Kahn &

     Michael Brooks


The Beginning

Yellow Star


Woman in a Room,

      Woman in the Moon


Remembrance II


The E-Mail Dances/Louise Reichlin

Photo by Alfred Desio from video

Repertory – Selected Past

Reichlin was awarded an EZTV/ CyberSpace Media Access Award for Production/Collaboration for the four versions of “The E-Mail Dances”.

The E-mail Dances explores Reichlin's connection with the internet as it was becoming popular, and Yellow Star is about her Jewish ancestors that never made it out during the Holocaust. The entire work also shows her journey tracing relatives she never knew existed, as well as our growth in travel and connectedness from when as babies we learn to crawl, walk, ride bicycles, drive cars, and fly planes (all of which are in the media).

“Utilizing a variety of Internet resources as a creative springboard, choreographer Louise Reichlin has launched herself into cyberspace and returned with an innovative and entertaining multimedia performance piece. The synergy between technology and human bodies in motion was always intriguing. The combination of large screen video projection, well-chosen recorded music, crisply executed dance, and Ms Reichlin's charming narration provided a constant flow of images and information.”

                                            Barry Weiss, Dance!90210

"Memory also enriched Louise Reichlin's and Michael Masucci's ...intense Yellow Star, which asked projected imagery to provide a conceptual overview – literally the larger picture of what the live dancers evoked: the horrifying history of Polish Jews in the 20th century."             The Los Angeles Times

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