Present Repertory

The Better To Bite You With

2009 for 6 dancers + narrator

Interactive dance/theatre/multimedia program

45 minutes

* Choreography, narration, 

   adaptation: Louise Reichlin

  1. *Masks & Set Piece:

   Stephen Kwok

* Costumes: Linda Borough

"Great music and dance along with a good storyline. The interaction and photos were really cool!" Audience survery

Our newest repertory work, The Better to Bite You With is a modernized fairy tale based on "Little Red Riding Hood", a tale found in virtually every culture worldwide. Inspired by new technology in computer X-rays used by creator Louise Reichlin's dentist, the performance appeals to all ages, from 3-year old children to young adults and grandparents.

"Imaginative and delightfully for the whole family." Beverly Hills Outlook

The dance begins with a vaudevillian collage of mouths and toothbrushes. As we enter the story line, we meet Lil Red and her Mama Blue and discover where she got her name and the dilemma she has, a toothache to be precise. Sent to see her Grandmother who is to take her to the dentist, Lil Red must travel through a park where many different animals live. Afraid and reluctant to go through, she dances with a flock of birds in front of the park. Later Lil Red meets the infamous Wolf, but the story builds to an unexpected and creative conclusion. This sophisticated theatrical adventure is woven with technology, narration, and music ranging from Dixieland and Liz Story to King Crimson, and of course dance. 

An adapted version of the program for young students has an increased emphasis on the learning element of the dance, using it to teach important lessons about the importance of dental health.  The videos below are from a recent performance at the Edye Second Space, and below that from The Jazz Bakery.

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<p><a href="">The Patchwork Girl of Oz - Mark Taper Auditorium</a> from <a href="">Louise Reichlin</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>