We offer Master Classes in Modern & Repertory dance and unique workshops that allow children and adults to participate in a section of the performance. These programs are based on our director Louise Reichlin's 30 years of experience as a movement instructor at USC and her work in developing standards-based programs and workshops for use at schools in the Southern California area.

Our current Master Classes include:

- Modern Dance & Repertory

  1. -Movement for the Actor, 

  Singer and Musician

The Shampoo

Photo by Dustin Pearlman

- Moving with more ease through the use of Feldenkrais and Bartenieff Fundamentals

  1. -Workshops in relaxation and more efficient body use through visualization and Mind-Body techniques

Our current workshop programs include:

- A multi-ethnic dance that incorporates the Jewish, Asian and West African cultures of members of the company, and those at the location of the residency

- An auxiliary to our piece, The Patchwork Girl of Oz, so the students perform as the Joking Horner and the Hoppers in the full performance with our company

  1. -An auxiliary to our piece, The Tennis Dances, so the students perform in the full performance with our dancers

  2. - Programs, such as The Reality Series, that involve audience participation during the performance

We have completed residencies at numerous locations throughout the United States including many schools in the Los Angeles area, Loyola Marymount University, the City of Las Vegas Cultural Affairs Division, a National Performance Network (NPN) residency at the Myrna Loy PAC in Montana and ARTCORE, Inc. in Wyoming.

For more information about our current programs, or to make a booking, please contact us.

College Residency Programs

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