Performers above include: 1st row - Sung-Yun Park, Anaja Holloway, Salinee Vanichanan; Sung-Yun Park; Salinee, Sung-Yun, Anaja & Batista Gremaud. 2nd row - Anaja, Sung-Yun, Alexandria Yalj, Tamara Kagel; Stephanie Simpson, Karla Hagen & dancers already named, same dancers in performance. 3rd row - Teya Wolvington, Anaja, Sung-Yun, and Salinee around our volunteer in performance at Alva’s. The volunteer is Sook Shim, now a Board member, and Lynn Campbell is the Hairdresser; dancers with their “identity” numbers that the audience guesses, Lynn Campbell,  the Hairdresser in The Shampoo at her shop Shear Perfection. 4th row - dancers in Identity, The Reality Series logo designed by Kristi Mathias.  

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Photo Gallery - The Reality Series

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Photos by Paul Antico and Dustin Pearlman. Graphics by Kristi Mathias. Photos from The Shampoo, Los(t) Angeles, and Identity.