"Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers is one of the granddaddies of Los Angeles dance, and the seasoning shows in the quality of its presentations." (Variety)

To educators and presenters, LA C&D presents soulful, imaginative dance works that takes audience members on their own journey of self-discovery.

An important goal for us has always been to develop inventive new programs for families, including audience participation and multigenerational and multicultural components. In her most famous works The Tennis Dances and Urban and Tribal Dances, Louise Reichlin uses metaphorical imagery and draws movement and music source material from different cultures, evoking the awareness that we are all related. Since 1996 works

like The E-Mail Dances, The Patchwork Girl of Oz, and the new The Better to Bite You With and Tap Dance Widows Club include dance, narration, and multimedia. Commissioned works range from the dances for the live music cirque Dream Scapes, to children's theatre and dramas, with symphony orchestras, and for specific corporate projects.

Here you can find links to our Repertory, Present and Past, and to our programs – Educational, Dance Concert & Family Performances, and Corporate & Commercial. Each page include photos, videos, and reviews.

Repertory – Present

A Jewish Child’s Story, Part 1- The Roses on my Wallpaper- A Dream

A Jewish Child’s Story, Part 2- Yellow Star (dance multimedia)

Invasion (dance multimedia)

Call From the Afterlife


Al’s House (Site specific)

The Baggage Project (Mourning Light, Tap Dance Widows Club, Remembrance, Woman Sleeping, dance multimedia)

The Better to Bite You With (dance multimedia)

The Reality Series (The Shampoo, Los(t) Angeles, Identity, dance multimedia)

Dance at the Stone House (Site specific)

The Patchwork Girl of Oz (dance multimedia)

The Tennis Dances

Let's All Dance to a Bluegrass Beat

Multicultural Dance (Tanko Bushi, Kol Dodi, Lamba)

Batida, Wedding (from Urban and Tribal Dances)

Repertory – Selected Past

The E-mail Dances (dance multimedia)

Urban and Tribal Dances

Dances of Assimilation

Celtic Suite

Dream Scapes

Turkish Delights

Time-Warp Tarantella

Tap-Tronics™ (Alfred Desio)

Zapped Taps™ (Alfred Desio)

Additional Choreography List including others




            College Residencies

            Wellness Training

      Dance Concerts and Family Programs

      Corporate Bookings

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The Shampoo, Part of the Reality Series.

Photo by Dustin Pearlman

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