Invasion, our new sci-fi work, choreographed by Louise Reichlin premiered with the multimedia of Audri Phillips at LA Theater Center Oct 2&3, 2015 at 7:00 pm. This piece is sci-fi, and has to do with what happens when we are invaded by another species (or metaphorically, what happens when very diverse qualities from diverse cultures come together). Who changes who? What is the result? The piece begins with 2 beings that see a carefree, almost childlike person. They interact, and all 3 are now part of the "beings". Next is a duet of love and great sadness that is passed on to the beings. Last is a passionate Tango that is sexual and violent. They all merge in the electrifying ending. It has been performed at 5 festivals this year, and will be showcased at the WAA conference, details above.

Also shown 2 sections from CALL FROM THE AFTERLIFE.

Commissioned by Linda J. Albertano with sound score by her and choreography by Louise Reichlin, there is a story- A poet, on turning 71, is visited by 4 apparitions who urge him to come to the next life- a Ballerina Clown who charms, Marilyn Monroe as an angel who seduces, the devil herself as a Flamenco dancer, and a Bedouin belly dancer as the grim reaper. For this showcase we present the "Ballerina Clown" and "Grim Reaper".

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We just returned from Orlando where we attended the Performing Arts Exchange (PAE) 9/25-9/30/16 for the first time, with our own booth 706. While Louise and Kistina were flying east, Rebecca, Linnea, Liza, and Nathan were performing a showcase for the Children’s Creative Project in Santa Barbara where we are on the roster.

September 17 & 18 we produced the the San Pedro Festival of Performing Arts at Ports O’Call, with grants from the City of LA Cultural Affairs Dept, the LA County Arts Commission Music in Public Places, and the Port of LA Community Investment Fund. Please see for details. Also the enews edition:

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July 5, 2016

Louise Reichlin & Dancers at Kidspace, Pasadena

A free family performance honoring our National Parks.

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October: Educational residencies at NASA in partnership with Angels Gate Cultural Center working with three 2nd grades, and we return for the 5th year to Fairgrove Academy where we work with five middle school classes.  This is made possible in part through a matching grant from Don Knabe’s Arts Education Partnership. For that one we design 5 dances from 5 cultures, and the students perform them in November and our company performs our newest work “A Jewish Child’s Story”.  We also begin our residency at All People’s Community Center through a grant from the Family Source Center, City of LA. This one is also for middle and high school students.