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"Even the sun came out to see the performance!"

                Student at outside performance, Bridge St.

                             Elementary School,  Los Angeles

Our school performances are adaptations of our award-winning repertory family programming, with an eye towards involving students both in the audience and the actual performance itself, and for taking advantage of the dance medium to teach valuable, practical lessons to students. Students attend one of two participatory dance performances. They will learn the 3 elements of dance- time, space & energy, as the company performs a narrated dance, and then The Tennis Dances expands on this, as well as how dance is about moods, atmospheres, and feelings. Students learn the words & movements to dances from three cultures, Japanese, West African, and Israeli. If they have participated in residency workshops, some will also have created costumes and perform with the dancers. By the end of the program all will understand how to change ordinary movements into dance and that dance can be inspired by other art forms.

Sample programs (each with their own study guides):

  1. -DANCE! With LA Choreographers and Dancers, featuring The Tennis Dances, Louise Reichlin's most well-known work. Students work with the company's professional dancers/teaching artists - to perform "Let's All Dance to a Bluegrass Beat" and enrich their dance vocabulary and understanding of the environment after performing the Japanese Tanko Bushi, West African Lamba and Israeli Kol Dodi.

Download Flyer (PDF)

  1. -MIX & MATCH! with THE PATCHWORK GIRL OF OZ, featuring excerpts from the company's award-winning performance about the characters created by L. Frank Baum. Students get instruction in motion and the vocabulary of dance, and participate in one dance from a choice of two (The Tennis Dances or a cultural diversity dance described above).                            

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Photo: Christian Moppett, Louise & students at Manchester Elementary School.

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Photo: Louise Reichlin, LA C&D dancer Teya Wolvington rehearses with the “Joking Horners” at Park Street Elementary.

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