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"I enjoyed it - can you come here every week?" - instructor from Cienega Elementary School, Los Angeles

Our Professional Development Training programs give instructors the tools needed to capture students' attention, deliver teaching material in innovative ways and improve their own abilities to communicate inside and outside the classroom.

Instructors of all ages have benefited from our workshops, which provide practical training in developing creative intelligence in students through physical dance study, cultural, aesthetic and historic appreciation and participatory education. As part of the program, we provide lesson plans and worksheets that can be used to apply the workshop's lessons in the classroom. Here are the links for our two PD residency programs on the LA County vetted Arts For all site for Educators: Creating a Dance    and     Using Specific Cultural Dance

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More Topics include:

- Creating a Dance

- Weaving Dance into the Curriculum

- Using Specific Cultural Dance

- Dance and Open Court

  1. -Writing a Dance - Choreographing an        


  1. -Dance from "The Patchwork Girl of Oz"


Photos: Joshua Sy at a PD at Western Ave. Elementary School. Photo above is Louise Reichlin, and to left is Sung-Yun Park with the teachers.

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