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This page was last revised on October 30, 2017.

Standards based 
curriculum & after school 
K-12 Education Programs

- School Performances

- Workshops for Students, 
  curriculum & after school

- Professional Staff Development for Teachers
                                                                                  Photo: Alfred Desio. Louise and students from
                                                                                                          Grant Elementary School in an after school program.

Our K-12 programs are designed to meet California State Learning Standards and the Common Core curriculum. You can skip directly to the areas above or link to the residency packages we developed as an Arts Community Partnership member (ACPN). Any fees listed are for Los Angeles USD schools only. The Children’s Creative Project for Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo are in their catalogue. Please contact us for others. From the day our company was founded, we have delivered on a commitment to provide world-class educational programming to children, teachers and working professionals.

- We were a founding member of:
       The Arts Community Partnership Network of the Los Angeles Unified School District 
       We are members of their new Arts Community Network (ACN)
- Here are our professional development offers (2016-17 PD’s)
See a list of our educational sponsors:  (2017-2018)
For a number of years we were part of a steering committee to examine ways other cities interwove the
       schools arts teaching with those of the professional and community partners.
The Children’s Creative Project Arts Catalog for the Santa Barbara Arts Education Office 

The LA County Arts Education Resource Directory (Arts for All), included 10 vetted programs for students and 2 new ones for Professional Development, but in June 2017 they changed to a new website called The Los Angeles County Arts Ed Collective. When you go to the site and click on Community Arts Educators you get a picture of us teaching at an earlier partnership. To access our page there, go to for all our partners and overview of our programs. Although those below were pulled out on their old site, I have dismantled  the links but left the names so you can see some of our themes. When there is time, I will link them to pdf’s with specifics.
DANCE! with LA Choreographers & Dancers
The Patchwork Girl of Oz with LA Choreographers & Dancers
ONTO THE STAGE with LA Choreographers & Dancers
DANCING YOUR NAME with LA Choreographers & Dancers
DANCE! with LA Choreographers & Dancers (6-8)
DANCE! with LA Choreographers & Dancers (9-12)
DANCING YOUR NAME with LA Choreographers & Dancers (9-12)
ONTO THE STAGE with LA Choreographers & Dancers (6-8)
ONTO THE STAGE with LA Choreographers & Dancers (9-12)
LA Choreographers & Dancers USING SPECIFIC CULTURAL DANCE, a Staff Development Workshop, or Series as a Teacher/Teaching Artist Collaboration with Louise Reichlin & Dancers
LA Choreographers & Dancers CREATING A DANCE, a Staff Development Training Workshop from Louise Reichlin & Dancers

Special Notes for Educators: 
There are major changes in arts funds within the LAUSD. Title I funds may now be used.
The Arts Equity Index (AEI) is currently being completed by principals. With this, the Arts Education Branch will be able to recommend underserved schools to the Arts Community Network (ACN) which will be eligible for more funding. Contact their office for more information: 213-241-8222
We have matching funds from the City of LA Cultural Affairs Dept. Contact us if your school is in LA City
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                                                                                                                  Photo above: Joshua Sy           
                                                                                                            A Professional Development Session at Western Ave. EL

Please stay tuned for any field trips this year. Next school year we hope to offer, Dance At the Stone House, at the Sun Valley Youth Arts Center again. 4th-6th graders only, 60-80 for each time. For more information see our “Dance At the Stone House” page and our photo slide show “Dance At the Stone House 2010”.Dance_at_the_Stone_House.htmlDance.StoneHouse_Photos.htmlDance.StoneHouse_Photos.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1shapeimage_10_link_2