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Alfred Desio and Louise Reichlin in a photo for a Los Angeles Times article. Alfred is holding his electronic tap shoes with the Tap-Tronic™ wiring that he invented, and Louise holds a racket from The Tennis Dances, her earliest work for the company.

Louise and Alfred's long personal and artistic association made the marriage of two dance forms in one company a natural and exciting idea when the company was founded in 1979. When Alfred died in 2007, the two had been married for 39 years. Some of their “blend” pieces of modern and tap included “Merchant’s Lunch or Ulysses Meets Camunda”, “Celtic Suite”, “Easy and Uneasy pieces/a collaboration” and a number of corporate productions. Photos below.

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Photo above: Kenneth Johansson   Merchants Lunch

    Lisa Moses as Camunda & Alfred as Ulysses

Photo upper right: Theodora Litsio   Celtic Suite

   Alfred & Louise in The Lark section

Photo to right: Alfred Desio  Easy and Uneasy Pieces,   

   Milking the Cow section