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Dance at the Stone House

2007 for 6 dancers + narrator + 60-80 audience participants

Interactive site-specific dance program

45 minutes

Choreography & Concept:

Louise Reichlin

Dance at the Stone House, performed by Louise Reichlin & Dancers, is a site specific work that uses audience participation to design a dance based on the unusual architecture and art that is the Sun Valley Youth Arts Center.

Built in 1925, the building, designated a City Cultural Historical monument, has been transformed into a first-of-its-kind art education center in the East San Fernando Valley, opening its classes to the public less than a year ago. This piece is the first of Reichlin's "The Reality Series", all of which are interactive, where the audience will become more aware of elements around us we often don't notice.

To execute the program, the company works closely with 60-80 elementary and middle school students for each performance-workshop.

Because of the preservation restriction of only 6 people in each of the inside rooms, small groups of students will filter into each area inside and outside the building and create with a company dancer an original dance freeze or phrase based on the architecture or artwork there. Once they have created their phrases, the students will rotate between two audience areas, one inside the Stone House, and one on the outside lawn. Louise Reichlin & Dancers & the participating students then perform a completed work that incorporates the 10 short phrases set to music on a patio area that is visible to both the inside and outside audiences' areas.

Present Repertory

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Dance at the Stone House/Louise Reichlin

Photos by: Steve Sobalvarro, Louise Reichlin, and Chuy c/s Rangel

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Photo Gallery from November 2010.