Celtic Suite

1983-84, 1990

Choreography by Louise Reichlin

Additional tap choreography by

        Alfred Desio

Music by Alfred Desio, Alan Stivell,

        An Triskell, Barde

Fair Nottamon Town

The Lark

Susie McGuire

Gaelic Scrawl

Skip Dance

From Out of Their Graves

“Each (dance) has Irish roots, with Desio piping traditional flute tunes and bouncing lyrically on his feet in the first and concluding sections.  He unleashes his energy in frenzied jigs, like a hapless lad kicking stones and determinedly chasing after them.  Offering contrast to his merriment, Reichlin dances a ripe, lush and sweeping solo, The Lark.  and the ensemble of nine dancers performs a barefooted, heathen circle-dance that would not have been out of place among the Druids centuries ago; it is mythically transporting"

The Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

This suite of five dances is often performed by an all-modern dance cast, but it is most well-known as a 'blend' piece which mixes the modern movement and traditional folk dances with virtuoso jig tapping and flute playing.


The Lark in the Morning/Alfred Desio and Louise Reichlin

Photo by Theodora Litsios

Repertory – Selected Past

Susie McGuire/Bambi Swayze, Kathleen McClintock, Christine ______

Photo by Theodora Litsios

“...an intriguing glimpse of some of the innovative steps being taken in the Los Angeles  world of dance. ...the most charming of the movements was the third (of Celtic Suite) , From Out of Their Graves. Desio, as the Harlequin-like figure he played in the first dance, returned to introduce this movement with an admirable bit of solo tap dancing that featured carefully planned rubatos, ritardandos and amazingly fast accelerandos. At the end of his solo, he turned to discover behind him nine dancers, transformed by a bit of costume magic into rocks and trees. These characters frolicked merrily on stage to a jig-like tune, then returned to their “natural” states. The ensemble in this last movement was outstanding, the music spirited and lively.”

                                                                                                                                Daily Trojan

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