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Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers (LA C&D)  creates and presents innovative dance works with imagination, feelings, and communication being the inspiration for every piece. Whether presenting a concert performance or enriching the lives of LA area students through arts education, we believe that our work sparks imagination, creativity, self-discovery, and empowers our diverse audience members to expand their understanding of life.  

The Tennis Dances was the first work choreographed for the company by Louise Reichlin in 1979 and became its signature work. The photo was taken by Alfred Desio when it was performed at Dance Kaleidoscope at the Ford Theatre in 1980. The photo on left is by the Los Angeles Times.

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Two companies, Louise Reichlin & Dancers (modern) and Zapped Taps™/ Alfred Desio (tap) made up LA C&D until Desio's death in 2007. Acknowledged as multi-cultural, we strive to reflect the diversity of the city in our dancers, board and staff.

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Overview: Louise Reichlin and Alfred Desio's long personal and artistic association made the marriage of two dance forms in one company a natural and exciting idea when the company was founded in 1979. In her critically acclaimed works The Tennis Dances ('79) and Urban and Tribal Dances ('90-'92), Reichlin uses metaphorical imagery and draws movement and music from different cultures, evoking the awareness that we are all related. Since 1996 she has experimented with innovative integration of dance, narration, and technology creating works like The E-Mail Dances and The Patchwork Girl of Oz. Desio’s Broadway background brought an entertaining edge to a highly experimental and innovative area, Tap-Tronics™ ('82 on),  an interactive electronic system he invented, which allowed him to play musical instruments through his taps. The company has toured to AZ, CA, CT, FL, ID, IL, HI, MD, MO, MT, NC, NM, NV, NY, PA, SC, TX, UT, WA, WI, WY and Washington DC where former NEA grant recipient Desio performed his Tap-Tronics™ by invitation of the Smithsonian Institute at the opening of their new Experimental Gallery and in Barcelona Spain. Reichlin’s dancers have taken The Patchwork Girl of Oz to four western states and traveled across the country and to Mexico with Dream Scapes. In January 2012 The Patchwork Girl of Oz had its first performances on the East Coast on Long Island and New York City. In 2016, Reichlin created a new slightly shorter easier to tech (but equally wonderful) The Patchwork Girl of Oz that traveled to N. Carolina with multiple performances in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. LA C&D traveled and performed in Taipei.

Our current activities: As a professional dancer, Reichlin uses her 30 years experience teaching at USC and a "professional designation" in the CA State Content Standards to continually refine our programming, which is approved by the LA County Arts Education Directory website ( and the Santa Barbara Creative Arts roster. Youth Arts and Education, CRA, Mervyn's and Target awarded multiple grants for educational projects. In 2007 we created Dance at the Stone House, an interactive work for students building on the unique architecture of the famous Stone House and it is now done each fall. Through  partnerships,  each year we offer free after school programs at Title I schools. Other school partners come from every area in our city, from East LA and South Central to Cudahy and Chinatown and the San Fernando Valley. Our company was a founding member of the Arts Community Partnership Network (ACPN) since it began ten years ago, and Reichlin was on the steering committee of the LA Arts Consortium, a continuation of companies with a strong arts education component. LA C&D has consistently offered educational dance programs since 1980. Last season the company did educational residencies in three school districts in Los Angeles County, with additional help in this area through a Don Knabe Arts Education Partnership grant. Producing the San Pedro ♥ Festival of the Arts and curating the dance portion is now one of our official projects.

Reichlin continues to create new interactive dance /multimedia works with The Reality Series premiered in 2008 and The Better To Bite You With in 2009. Baggage Project began in the 2010-11 season, including Mourning Light, Tap Dance Widows Club (a video and live work), a revival of Remembrance, this time with images of those who have past on sent to us by others through Facebook and the internet woven into the media, and a reworking of the 1981 Woman Sleeping. In 2013 she created the site specific Al’s House recorded by the guests on their phones, Continuum in 2014, Call From the Afterlife (a dance suite from SEVERAL SELF-GESTAPOS, and the sci-fi Invasion in 2015  & 2016. With the help of the Bruce Geller Memorial Prize,  Reichlin wrote and choreographed A Jewish Child’s Story, performed in 2016 and 2017. The Board of Directors plans to continue Desio's Tap-Tronics™ and is interested in hearing from those interested in working with us on this project.

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