"Identity" from Louise Reichlin's dance/multimedia work "The Reality Series". Inspired by creative spam emails, this piece is both a dance and an interactive identity puzzle. The audience discovers clues and controls movement themes between shadowy dancers, working together to strip away identities and layers of realities in order to solve the mystery. The piece was developed in collaboration between Reichlin and the dancers who include Karla Hagen, Anaja Holloway, Tamara Kagel, Sung-Yun Park, Stephanie Simpson, Salinee Vanichanan and Alexandria Yalj. Premiered in May 2008, the work was performed in the TriArt Festival at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro in September, at the The Steelworkers Auditorium in Fontana in February, and at the Jazz Bakery in April. Choreography by Louise Reichlin.

All choreography copywritten by Louise Reichlin. It may not be used without permission.

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