Dream Scapes Video Total time: 8:49

Dream Scapes was choreographed by Louise Reichlin, and the dances here are performed by her company Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers. The production was conceived and composed/created by Steve Reid, whose music group Bamboo Forest were the musicians. The first part of the video is from the original 6 person dance version done in 2000 from a shoot at the Japan American Theatre in Los Angeles, CA and from the Disney Convention Center in Orlando FL. When touring began in 2002, Louise was asked to cut down the number of dancers to 4, and the second part of the tape (begins about 4:28) is from a new piece for that version called "Come Fly Away".

The original dancers from our company that the work was set on seen in the first part of the tape were Yuki Tomino, Dana Berk, Karen Acosta, Deidre Cavazzi, Jennifer Flanigan, Sharon Pennix, Ross Graves and Sean Curtin. Company dancers in the video who opened the tour in 2002 included Steven Nielsen, Elisabeth Brookman, Ellen Rosa and Tara Page. Please come visit our web-site at LAChoreographersAndDancers.org and also on Facebook become a friend to Louise at Louise Reichlin Facebook Site or a fan of our company at LA Choreographers & Dancers/Louise Reichlin & Dancers face book page

All choreography copywritten by Louise Reichlin. It may not be used without permission.

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