co-produced by Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers/ Louise Reichlin & Dancers (booth 825) and by Rhapsody In Taps/Linda Sohl Ellison (booth 111)
Welcome to the site of The DANCE SHOWCASE at WAA 2010 at the Beacon Ballroom, Hyatt Hotel. You can go directly to the dance schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday night and on that page also download a pdf to carry with you. You can also go to pages with photos and links to the dance artists as well as the music artists on our evenings. During the conference the showcase artists are under the umbrella of Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers and will be represented in Booth 825, with information also at Rhapsody In Taps, Booth 111. Please check the listing descriptions for the Booth numbers of those artists represented by Agencies or by their own Booth. Food and drink provided!